My Partner in Crime

Star (dubbed The Big Dog) and I in the fall of 2008.

My internet marketing began in 2000 and have published several newsletters through the years. One of my hurdles to overcome was finding quality content. Next, understanding what quality content is and how to use it effectively.  Of course, content is still as big a “King” now as it was when the internet became open to the public

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Years of Experience Pays

During this time, I have taken a couple of hiatuses, yet I have never stopped internet marketing completely.  I have managed several multi-million-dollar businesses through the years. This experience has given me a unique education in different views and options.  Those opportunities never gave me the peace I have when I am sitting at my computer creating a new product or coding a new website.


Every product you see on my various websites have been scrutinized and lamented over. I am at times a perfectionist, a fallacy of mine.  My goal is for you to have high-quality content for your site(s), products to help you become successful and increase your knowledge.

Dixie National North Ride Wagon Time

Nothing like staying warm in the wagon and having some family fun in cold February.